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28 December 2005 @ 02:50 am
A collection of jumbled thoughts since logical, linear thinking seems impossible.

[Before I start, I would like to note that the icon is being sarcastic. I am not really that elated or overjoyed.]

- Today I chewed some gum that jennitude had given me, called "Menthol Mint." It tasted like cough drops and whatever they put in fire extinguishers, but it looked like Nicorette. As I chewed it, I imagined myself as a chain smoker attempting to quit, and chewing the gum was punishment for inhaling 15 years worth of mentholated cigarette smoke.

- I think it's funny how some people have a "good side", physically speaking. Generally, I find that women tend to have "good" and "bad" sides based on which side their bangs are situated on or the application of their makeup. Men on the other hand, rarely have dual sides since their haircuts are usually plain and symmetrical. A Chinese boy with a two-inch spiked haircut will look bad, regardless of the angle you're viewing him from.

- I've been listening to a lot of Weezer lately, which is silly because they've never made my top 10 music list. The question of "Are you into Weezer" used to be regarded as an insult. I think it's because their music is relatively silly and lighthearted (and stupid--c'mon, Beverly Hills?) What I wonder about is whether I listen to Weezer as a refuge devoid of the complexities of life, or has my brain really descended into the realms of dim-witted idiocy? Both possibilities scare the crap out of me.

- I've noticed that guys look best when either wearing an apron, or after they've showered. Regarding the apron, I think it has something to do with assuming the maternal role in the kitchen and how that ties into sensitivity (plus, it's really cute). Regarding the shower, I think it involves that idea of being freshly out of the womb and regressing back to this state of simplicity and infancy. Or if you're looking for an explanation that doesn't make your eyebrows dance, guys look good with warm rosy cheeks and wet, moppy hair. They smell best when freshly showered too, and that's always an added bonus.

- Lately I've been playing online scrabble with redhotfire16. She uses words like strew, breccia, bey. I use words like heel, real, better. My only consolation is gained through the knowledge that I am better at manipulating the board. Once she starts getting the hang of it though, I know I'll really be screwed.

- I am not looking forward to having to write "2006" on my papers. They say it takes 28 days to form a habit, and the habit of writing "2005" has been reenforced by 365 days. So theoretically speaking, this habit should be roughly 13 times harder to break. I already have trouble enough when it comes to not biting my nails. This is just plain unfair.

- I hope you all ate my cookies, because I spent a lot of time on them. And they were good too. My cookies were good. I ate them, and I am still alive. That's good enough for me.

- I've noticed that I am a very olfactive person. I think that is a great contributor to my love of food and soap. I remember when I was younger my father made me some hot, powdered milk. I remember inhaling the steam and smiling at the sweet creamy scent. I remember tasting it and being disappointed because it tasted like--what else--water and crappy milk substitute. Things usually smell better than they taste, have you ever noticed that? I think a good example of that would be soap, my other aforementioned love. Soap smells good, tastes bad.

Happy Holidays, every one. Here's to 2006 (but not to writing it.)
music: Weezer